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Build a foundation for your career in construction.

In-person construction training has come to Colorado Springs! Prepare for a career in construction and get job placement help through the Construction Skills Bootcamp. Social distancing guidelines as proposed by the CDC.

This bootcamp will jumpstart your construction career through hands-on training. Earn certifications and gain basic skills in 8 weeks.

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Upcoming Classes at BuildStrong Academy of Colorado Springs

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Students Gain

✔️ Solid foundation of construction skills

✔️ Exposure to different trades

✔️ OSHA-10 Certification

✔️ Career support and networking with employees

✔️ HBI Pre-apprenticeship Certification

Schedule Options

Classes for Colorado Springs start every other month and run from 5:00pm-8:45pm three night a week for 8 weeks


Tuition amount is calculated based on scholarship eligibility. Scholarships covering the full tuition cost are available if you’re committed to pursuing a new job or promotion in Colorado’s construction industry. The Bootcamp course requires a $50 deposit, which is returned upon completion of the bootcamp. Please contact out recruiter for more details.


3370 Chelton Loop S.
Colorado Springs 80909

Construction skills bootcamp
Construction skills bootcamp
Construction skills bootcamp

Course Content

Basic Safety

  • Identify jobsite safety issues
  • Describe best safety practices for construction
  • Identify and demonstrate different types of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Understand and practice correct lift and carry techniques for one and two people with standard building materials
  • Identify proper safety and use related to scaffolding
  • Demonstrate proper ladder safety, setup, and use
  • Obtain an OSHA 10 hour certification
  • Basic jobsite first aid
  • Basic fire safety procedures

Construction Industry Knowledge

  • Identify career pathways related to construction
  • Understand scope of projects in construction
  • Demonstrate technical and academic requirements for career pathways
  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification of various materials related to construction, including safety procedures

Construction Math

  • Practice math operations related and commonly used in construction industry
  • Understand various math formulas to solve construction problems
  • Apply math formulas to common construction problems
  • Demonstrate math skills needed to pursue a career in construction

Exposure to Different Trades

  • The opportunity to meet with industry leaders
  • Exposure to different trades from guest speakers working in the industry

Hand and Power Tools

  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification, including safety procedures, for various hand tools related to construction
  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification, including safety procedures, for various power tools related to construction
  • Demonstrate the proper safety, use, care, and maintenance of power tools/equipment
  • Identify/select appropriate power tools for specific tasks in carpentry and other trades
  • Identify specific tools and materials a worker needs to complete different tasks in various trades.

Career Preparation

  • Identify process for legal employment in the field of construction
  • Understand basic elements of the employment process in construction
  • Demonstrate ability to compose elements for employability in construction
  • Demonstrate skills required to find, apply, secure and retain successful employment in construction
  • Prepare life skills needed for a job in the construction industry

Build Projects

  • Demonstrate ability to safely use hand and power tools involved in construction
  • Demonstrate proper safe techniques in assembling projects
  • Demonstrate ability to apply blueprint reading to projects
  • Develop skills through increasingly complex building projects

Blueprint Reading

  • Understand common terms used in blueprint reading
  • Identify and define various views used in blueprint reading
  • Identify different types of lines used in drawings
  • Identify selected symbols and abbreviations used in construction plans
  • Read plans, elevations, schedules, etc. used in construction drawing
  • Identify and understand parts used in a specification

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3. Deposit.
Pay the deposit for the course in our online store. Once you pay the deposit, please confirm which class you’d like to take with our recruiter.

4. Construction Training Begins


Contact our Recruiter with any questions or for more information.

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BuildStrong Academy’s  strategic focus is to deliver pre-apprenticeship construction training and retraining to Colorado Springs adults, while its Careers in Construction Colorado (CICC) partner focuses on pre-apprenticeship training for youth through high school programs. Both organizations are working toward the shared vision of reaching the goal of placing 5,000 people in construction jobs on an annual basis by 2025 and making Colorado a national model for construction workforce development. The two entities share ideas around effective workforce development, educational resources for students of all ages, and programming strategies to grow Colorado’s construction workforce!