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Ready to start your career in construction?

We train people with no prior experience in construction for great careers!

Step 1. Fill out this interest form.

Enrollement Process

1. Fill out the interest form on this page.

Once you sign up, you will get more information about our training process and you will be sent an online application which takes about 10 minutes to fill out.


2. Connect with our recruiter.

Once we receive your application, our recruiter will contact you to determine if we are a good solution for your career goals. We then help match you with the right training for your career path.


3. Deposit.

Pay the deposit for the course in our online store. Once you pay the deposit, please confirm which class you’d like to take with our recruiter.


4. Construction Training Begins


Contact our Recruiter with any questions or for more information.

Construction Training Levels

Once you determine that we are good solution for your career path we can help match you with the right training. We have three training levels:

  • Construction Skills Bootcamp  – 6 weeks of foundational hands-on construction training focused on tool handling, safety, and carpentry.

  • Trade Training – 6-8 weeks focused on a trade like concrete, carpentry, or electrical. Construction Skills Bootcamp is a prerequisite.

  • Construction Management – 1-2 semester college level training toward a certificate in Estimating or as a Superintendent. In partnership with the Community College of Aurora. You do not need prior training or experience to qualify.

Much of our training (with the exception of Construction Management) is offered at little to no charge for those who are serious about entering a construction career. Check out our class schedule here.

Student estimating

Upcoming Classes at BuildStrong Academy of Colorado

  • Morning Construction Skills Bootcamp (M-F) [BCA52]

    June 10, 2024  8:00 am - 12:15 pm

    See more details

  • Evening Construction Skills Bootcamp, ALMOST FULL! (M -Th) [BC64]

    June 10, 2024  5:00 pm - 9:15 pm

    See more details