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BuildStrong Academy of Colorado

We give you the knowledge, tools, training and hands-on experience
to start your career in construction.

BuildStrong Academy in Colorado

We give you the knowledge, tools, training and hands-on experience to start your career in construction.

The Future is Yours to Build
Training • Careers • Opportunity


Start or further your career in construction.

We offer practical training that aligns with the current needs of construction employers. The Academy was created by leaders in the homebuilding industry to specifically meet today’s challenges and to prepare you for a successful career.

Our goals are to help you find a career that matches your interests and talents, connect you to employers, and help you make the most of the vast opportunities in the construction industry.

We give you a unique opportunity to hone your skills and connect with industry employers.

  • Real-world, hands-on training
  • Learn directly from industry experts
  • Get on the fast-track to a job


Build Colorado’s workforce by training your team, hiring our graduates, and supporting the Academy.

While the housing industry is booming, the workforce to keep up with it and the skilled talent to grow your business is tighter than ever. We provide a workforce that is motivated, skilled, inspired and committed. We want to work together with you to build your team and your business as we all help build the economy, our industry, and our communities.

We are a proven resource created by the industry for the industry.

  • We know industry needs and what it takes to succeed.
  • We can train your existing workers, be a source for new employees and/or fill critical gaps in your company.
  • We’re always looking for partners, collaborators and new approaches to ensure industry success for all.

Colorado’s continued growth and our homebuilding industry’s labor shortage means we must have innovative solutions to meet critical workforce needs.

While more and more people are moving into the state, there simply isn’t enough housing for all of them. And as builders are working to fill the housing need, they are running into a recurring shortage of ready, trained, and dedicated workers.

Our goal isn’t to propel one builder ahead of another or to feed a single pipeline of employees to one project. We are here to help make all of our businesses and communities stronger, our economy more sustainable, and our housing market more viable.

Construction training in Denver

Our Mission and Vision

BuildStrong Academy of Colorado (formerly Colorado Homebuilding Academy) is an industry-driven training organization created to solve the construction industry’s need for skilled workers.

We provide hands-on learning, job placement and mentoring for youth and adults as they build careers in construction.

Watch this video to learn more.

Instructor and student

Now Hiring Instructors

Join the BuildStrong Academy team to help build our community through the power of career training.

Construction Skills Bootcamp

Construction Skills Bootcamp will jumpstart your construction career through hands-on training.

Build a solid foundation of construction skills while gaining exposure to different trades in the industry.

Earn certifications and gain basic skills in 4 or 8 weeks.

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