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Colorado’s and our homebuilding industry’s labor shortage means we must have innovative solutions to meet critical workforce needs.

A serious problem facing Colorado’s construction industry is a persistent shortage of skilled labor. At a time of record industry expansion, construction employers struggle to find enough qualified workers to meet market needs.

BuildStrong Academy of Colorado (formerly Colorado Homebuilding Academy) was founded specifically to address this labor issue. Through a series of innovative, industry-driven training programs for youth and adults, the Academy is building a highly-skilled labor force that can meet the demands of Colorado’s expanding construction industry.

Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver

Our Mission and Vision

BuildStrong Academy of Colorado is an industry-driven training organization created to solve the construction industry’s need for skilled workers.

We provide hands-on learning, job placement, and mentoring for youth and adults as they build careers in construction. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Instructor and student

Now Hiring Instructors!

Join the team at BuildStrong Academy of Colorado to help build our community through the power of career training.


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