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BuildStrong Academy of Colorado

What is BuildStrong Academy of Colorado (BSAC)?

We are a non-profit training organization created to help people find their place in the trades.  We solve the construction industry’s need for skilled workers by providing hands-on learning, job placement, and mentoring for youth and adults as they build careers in construction.

Is BSAC a school?

No. BuildStrong Academy of Colorado is a non-profit training organization. BSAC is here to help you learn and to provide you with the hands-on instruction, and to be support through your professional development. Many of our programs do award Home Builder’s Institute certificates.

Is BSAC a job?

No. BuildStrong Academy of Colorado is a non-profit organization, offering non-paid career development training. While BSAC does not guarantee job placement, we proudly offer one-on-one career coaching, employer introductions, job search guidance, and monthly career fairs.


BuildStrong Academy of Colorado provides you with wrap-around support and career coaching services as we guide you through building the foundation for your new career. You don’t need to head forward alone, BuildStrong Academy of Colorado is here support you.

Is this legit?

This is definitely real! BuildStrong Academy has already helped more than a thousand adults advance their careers, and we are on track to help more than 1500 Coloradans within the next five years.

BuildStrong Academy has also been making appearances in many news outlets. You can read more about us in the Wall Street Journal, about Mary Kehl (just one of our many amazing students!), about our partnership with Red Wing Shoes, or when we held a class with a local deck builder, sposored by Fastenmaster.

Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver


Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver
Where does the training take place?

All of our courses take place in person with a focus on hands-on experience. Typically these courses will be held at in the 25,000 square foot BuildStrong Shop located at 445 W 53rd Denver, CO 80216.

Occasionally BSAC will partner with a local builder and offer a Pop Up Bootcamp(PUB), granting our students the opportunity to have their learning be done on an actual job site. With PUBs, Students will gain additional exposure and experience working on a job site alongside our of our amazing employer partners.

How long does the training program last?

Six to eight weeks. Our courses are offered in various schedules to best serve our students. The length of the training can vary depending on the course you sign up for. Our goal is always to get you trained, certified, and building your career as quickly as possible, and you will be ready to be out in the field in a matter of weeks!

Is there a cost associated with the training and certification program?

It dependsOur Construction Skills Bootcamp has a cost of $3200 per student, but we cover 100% of this cost for students who are committed to starting a career in the construction industry.

Can I participate in the program while working a full-time job or attending school?

YesWe know that many students are looking for a career transition and have jobs, families, and other life commitments. For this reason, we offer our courses in various schedules to best serve our students, including evening programs.

How do I enroll in the Electrical or Carpentry Courses?

To be able to enroll in our trade-specific courses, you must have completed the Construction Skills Bootcamp. When enrollment for these courses opens, our recruiter will send students an email detailing the course, it’s schedule, as well as a form to sign up for the course.

Students who have spoken previously with our recruiter or career coach about taking these trade courses receive the course enrollment emails about one week prior to the rest of the alumni body.


Who is eligible to participate in this program? 

If you’re eligible to work within the US and are looking to get into a high-earning career in construction or to advance within the industry, we are here to serve you! We aim to knock down as many barriers as possible for people to build a great career in the trades. 

How do I get started?

Our application process is a form available here on our website. Just click here, and you can begin your journey!

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. Students must be 18+ to participate in our courses, and there is no upper age limit.

What are the prerequisites for joining this training program?

To join the Construction Skills Bootcamp, our only requirement is that you are dedicated to finding a career within the construction industry and that you are eligible to work in the US. We will help you build your foundation of skills no matter what your starting point is, with no prior skills or experience necessary.  

For our trade-specific courses however, you must have completed the Construction Skills Bootcamp.

Are there any specific tools or equipment that I need to have/bring?

Nope! We will provide all the tools, materials, and equipment you need for your training. We only ask that students make sure to wear closed-toed shoes, no loose or hanging jewelry, and comfortable, well-fitting clothing for safety, and to be prepared to work with tools.

Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver


Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver
What types of construction and skilled trades are covered in this program?

We are proud to offer several exciting pre-apprenticeship programs, all designed to provide you with the most hands-on accelerated training . All students start with our Construction Skills Bootcamp and, after completion, are eligible to enroll in focused Pre-Apprentice programs in either Carpentry or Electrical trades.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?

YesAll students who complete our Construction Skills Bootcamp will receive a Home Builder’s Institute (HBI) Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) CORE certification. The Carpentry and Electrical Trade courses also award an HBI PACT certificate for each individual trade. HBI PACT certificates are recognized by the US Department of Labor and are stackable and portable (can be used in any state).

How will this certification benefit me in my career in the construction industry?

Completing a BuildStrong Bootcamp makes you stand out from other job applicants. It demonstrates to our trade partners that you have a commitment to the craft. Also, you’re joining an extensive alumni network that encompasses nearly every facet of the construction industry. Our students become leaders in the trades — and sometimes, successful entrepreneurs.

Will the program provide hands-on training and practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge?

    YesWe pride ourselves on the amount of hands-on training we provide, and you’ll feel at home in the 25,000-square-foot BuildStrong shop by the end of your training. You will find that at least 75% of your time in class is spent in the shop, working with tools, practicing, and building your skills.


    Are there any job placement services or resources available after completing the program?

    YesWhile BSAC does not guarantee job placement, we proudly offer one-on-one career coaching, employer introductions, job search guidance, and monthly career fairs. Every student is paired with a talented professional Career Coach. They’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, review and revise your resume, and introduce you to companies you are interested in working with.

    How much do BSAC graduates get paid after finding employment?

    The average starting salary for any BSAC graduate is right at $24/hr. We look to highlight transferable skills and experience, and secure all BSAC graduates the best job they can get, and as such many students find higher paying, non-entry level positions. 

    Will I have access to ongoing support or resources after completing the program?

    Yes. We are here for you throughout your entire career! Once you have completed a program with us, our team is committed to your ongoing success. Whether you want to return and take more courses, need help finding the next step in your career, or are just looking for advice, our doors are always open to you. Your continued success is our mission.

    Student at a Construction bootcamp in Denver


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