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Academy students, you’re not alone! Every student is paired with our amazing professional Career Coach to help you be your best self. They’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, review and revise your resume, and provide you with introductions to companies you are interested in working with.

After you complete your course, your Career Coach will help you apply for jobs that meet your specific interests and skills. They also work directly with our vast network of employers to find specific job opportunities for BuildStrong Academy alumni.

What Career Coaching Can Do For You

Job Search Preparation

Our Career Coach will work with you to give you all the tools you need in your job search. They will help you tailor and update your resume, can give you practice interviews, and give you insight on the jobs you are interested in.

Custom Career Guidance

No two students are the same, and neither is the help they need. Our Career Coach takes your aspirations to heart, and every bit of guidance is unique to each student and what you are looking for.

Employer Introductions

Do you struggle with applications? Our Career Coach can help with that! They can guide you through our job postings from our extensive employer network and submit your resume directly to those you want to see it. 

Career Fairs

We organize monthly career fairs for our current students and alumni. They are the perfect chance to meet employers, learn about open positions at their companies and what it takes to be successful in their trades, and secure an interview! The best part – our career fairs are FREE for students and grads.

Ongoing Assistance

New job not working out how you hoped? Been laid off? Looking to learn new skills and have a change of pace? No matter what the reason, the Career Coach’s door is always open for you. Come back and visit any time and get the same fantastic help you experienced before.

A Path Forward

Come and see us when you are ready to take the next step in your career. We are excited to help our students and alumni look at the next steps for you to take on your journey. All the same preparation, tools, advice, and assistance will be available to you to help you make the big jump!

Meet Your Career Coach


Kristin Davenport

Kristin is a native Coloradan who graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a Culinary Arts degree, and can tell you all about making a shift in career paths. She has spent much of her career working in Corporate America as a recruiter for several Fortune 100 Companies (IBM, Comcast, UnitedHealthcare), before dedicating her time to working with the City and County of Denver on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grant where she worked with employers all over the Denver Metro area to find the youth of Denver sustainable employment.

Kristin has been a recruiter in the construction field for the last several years and has a deep passion for what she does; assisting BuildStrong Academy students/graduates with networking, resume building, interviewing skills and making introductions to the many employers in the Academy’s premiere Employer Network.

Sam Fowler

Although raised in Colorado, Sam spent most of the last 14 years outside of the United States living, learning, and working in Switzerland, Ireland, and France. With an academic background in International Relations and professional background in policy work, education, and trade, Sam also has a deep passion for community. From a young age, he has been a volunteer and activist, advocating for equitable education, housing, worker’s rights, and more. At Buildstrong Academy of Colorado, Sam intends to marry his professional expertise and passions in a way that gives the students their best shot at success.

Outside of work, Sam can be found in the gym training as a powerlifter, running tabletop games for his friends, or at home with his partner and their two cats. He has a deep love of sports, community organizing, and every kind of food.

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