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About BuildStrong Academy

We are transforming homebuilding career education.

Our Vision

We envision a national homebuilding industry that is talent-rich, workforce-ready, sustainable and continually creating opportunities for businesses, workers, job seekers and students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build, grow, accelerate and enhance homebuilding careers, industries and economies through the power of industry education, collaboration and innovation.

Teaching drywall skills

What makes us unique is that we are a collective partnership
working together for the good of the industry as a whole.

Instructor and youth apprenticeship

The BuildStrong Academy was created by industry experts working in collaboration with builders, universities, trade associations, foundations and schools.

We are transforming homebuilding career education by putting hands-on learning, classroom teaching and real-life experience all under one roof with a focus on job placement, mentoring and ongoing support for our students.

We are filling critical skill gaps and accelerating workforce development.

From field positions to front-office, we offer practical, focused and industry-aligned career pathways designed to fuel the talent pipeline today and tomorrow.

  • We are passionate about elevating and supporting careers in homebuilding.

  • We are committed to creating homebuilding opportunities for workers, job seekers, students and businesses through education, innovation, collaboration and inspiration.

  • Our curriculum is based on the real needs of the industry in real time – creating a training-to-placement model that gets qualified, skilled and enthusiastic workers into the field where they are needed most.

  • We believe that homebuilding careers fuel our quality of life, sense of security, economic independence and sense of pride. We are proud to be inspiring a workforce for today and the future.

Construction skills student

Our Nation’s continued growth along with our homebuilding labor shortage means we must have innovative solutions to meet critical workforce needs.

It has been published and stated publicly of the ongoing role homebuilding plays in creating a strong, vibrant economy for all.

However, while more and more people are moving across the nation, there simply isn’t enough housing for all of them. And as builders are working to fill the housing need, they are running into a recurring shortage of ready, trained, and dedicated workers.

That’s why we created the BuildStrong Academy. It isn’t to propel one builder ahead of another or to feed a single pipeline of employees to one project. It was created to help make all of our businesses and communities stronger, our economy more sustainable, and our housing market more viable.

It’s up to all of us because it affects all of us.

The labor shortage is not just a contractor or skills trades problem.

Anyone who benefits from the sale of homes is affected by this issue. That includes land developers, builders, and complimentary markets like insurance, furniture sales, landscapers, and an array of other businesses.

We not only help to create a ready workforce,
we change lives and fuel a sense of pride.

By providing exceptional training and a streamlined career pipeline, we are helping hard-working men and women be proud of their chosen careers, see the value it brings to others, find new levels of success and support their families. They are able to earn more, give back to their communities, support local businesses and be an integral part of a thriving economy.

Our graduates are excited about long-term careers, not simply finding a job. Their commitment to their careers, this industry and the neighborhoods in which they live play a crucial role in the health of our community as a whole.

Students graduate from BuildStrong Academy

The industry needs a skilled and ready workforce.

Potential workers need hands-on training, education, support, mentors, job connections, and career guidance. We are the place to offer it all under one roof. Together, we’re building a stronger workforce, improving the economy, and changing lives.

Let’s talk about what we can build together.

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