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Women Building Change

Now more than ever, women have an opportunity to build successful careers in construction.

It’s clear that our industry needs more women. Construction employers across the U.S. are facing a severe shortage of workers, and in an industry that is 91% male, employers are actively recruiting women to fill employment gaps. 

As a nonprofit training organization, it is the BuildStrong Academy’s goal is to help women take advantage of these expanding opportunities in our industry by supporting women as they build proud, meaningful careers. 

What do careers in building ACTUALLY look like?

Construction has an image problem.

When portrayed in the media, construction professionals are most often men working in grueling, hands-on craft positions.

The reality is much more complex.

Woman in professional services

Professional Services

Many jobs in the construction industry are in professional services. These jobs are less physical; they include estimating, project management, safety inspection, and many more. Some of these jobs, like customer care, require basic knowledge of building materials and systems, but most of the work is done in a professional office environment.

Woman learning framing

Trade / Craft Careers

Careers in the trades, like electrical, plumbing, and carpentry, are ideal for women who don’t want to “get stuck working in an office.” You will be on a work site, moving around, and participating in build projects in your community.

These jobs require technical expertise that you can learn in BuildStrong Academy’s courses. Our graduates can go on to an entry-level position in the trades, or a 3 to 4 year paid apprenticeship.

The gender gap
The Labor Shortage

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