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Our Story

Industry-driven training designed by leader in homebuilding.

Our founders have been an integral part of the homebuilding community for decades, as well as fierce advocates for education and advancement.

The Academy was formed through the merger of BuildStrong Education and the non-profit training program Colorado Construction Institute (CCI). BuildStrong Education was created over 20 years ago by Oakwood Homes to improve education in the Denver Metro community and CCI provided construction training to Colorado residents, both youth and adults, starting in 2012.

A serious problem facing the construction industry is a persistent shortage of skilled labor. At a time of record industry expansion, construction employers struggle to find enough qualified workers to meet market needs. Colorado Homebuilding Academy, now known as the BuildStrong Academy was founded specifically to address this labor issue. Through a series of innovative, industry-driven training programs for youth and adults, the newly branded BuildStrong Academy is building a highly-skilled labor force that can meet the demands of the expanding construction industry.

This Academy is also supported by a partnership with University of Denver–Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management as well as the Precision Building Systems team, who provide physical space for our training and administration.

Additionally, the Academy has partnered with QLTY Objective to provide high quality boots to graduates who receive industry jobs. QLTY Objective is working to support the construction industry through easy access to affordable and high-quality work boots.

BuildStrong Education
Oakwood Homes
University of Denver
Precision Building Systems