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Veterans Who Build

The skills you gained in military service are in HIGH DEMAND by construction employers.

The construction industry is in dire need of workers with the experience, drive, and professionalism that veterans gain through military service. That’s why BuildStrong Academy offers training, networking events, and career coaching for prior military service members who want to transition into careers in our industry.

We offer services to students who need help translating their military skills to construction and connections with our growing network of veteran-friendly employers who hire students right out of our classes. If you are a prior service member, find a BuildStrong Academy location and enroll in a training program to become a Veteran Who Builds.


Skills that are in HIGH DEMAND by construction employers


Working in a diverse team to accomplish goals. Using communication skills to build relationships with team members.


Meeting project deadlines, keeping a job site organized, completing tasks in a timely manner, and getting to work on time.


Ability to take on responsibility, manage other people, and respect the chain of command.


Ability to creatively solve problems, adapt to change, and make informed decisions under stress.


Attention to details and understanding the importance of quality control and safety guidelines.


Self-discipline and perseverance to get things done without cutting corners.


Ability to use tools and heavy machinery accurately, safely, and efficiently in certain careers.


Ability to follow procedures and processes, understanding that the whole is only as good as its parts.


Construction is the perfect fit for prior service members because…

Woman learning drilling techniques

It’s a career, not just a job.

The construction industry offers opportunities to constantly improve your skills and advance to more senior positions. Many workers who start out in entry-level positions even become business owners!

You can EARN while you LEARN.

Most construction companies invest in employees through paid on-the-job training, creating a smooth transition from military service to the civilian workforce.

You can visualize your accomplishments.

In a career that involves physical building, you get to step back at the end of the day and actually SEE your progress. You will be making a mark in your community that will be visible for generations to come. That’s a reward that many industries cannot offer! 

You’ll be a part of a community.

Construction is, by nature, a team-based industry. If you enjoy working with others and building relationships with your co-workers, this is the industry for you.

Construction workers celebrating
Electrical students

You won’t get stuck sitting behind a desk.

Many careers in this industry allow you to work outdoors in a variety of job sites. Certain careers (not all) even require you to be in physical shape and use heavy-duty tools and machinery. If you are an active person, consider a career in the trades that will allow you to move around throughout your workday.

OR you can work in an office environment if you’d like!

Not all construction careers involve physical labor. Many careers, like construction management, design, and estimating allow you to work in a professional office environment. 

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