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Youth construction apprentice

Building the next generation of construction professionals through hands-on training and work experience.

Our Youth Construction Apprenticeship provides the in-depth instruction that Colorado employers demand in their workforce. After participating in 250 training hours and 128 on-the-job hours, graduates of the Youth Construction Apprenticeship will be unrivaled in their fitness for employment in Colorado’s fast-growing construction industry.

Youth Construction Apprenticeship at BuildStrong Academy of Colorado

Who are the Youth Apprentices? 

Young adults enrolled in partnering high schools who have proven their desire, aptitude, and commitment to work in the construction industry.

Students must have the ability to participate fully in an intensive training program – this means a commitment of up to four days each week from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Apprenticeship Phases

Explore Phase

All Apprentices begin the program with a 70-hour Explore Phase. This phase acts as a trial for both the young person and the Academy. Youth get a chance to meet program instructors and participate in basic skills exercises with hand and power tools. The Explore Phase takes place at the Academy Training Lab one to two days each week for 10 weeks.

During this time, the Academy is assessing the young person to determine their fit with the program. If the young person is ready and committed to the Apprenticeship, they are invited to interview for enrollment in the next phase.

Training Phase

The Training Phase starts the semester after the Explore Phase—equal to the 11th week of the apprenticeship and continues for 15 weeks. This section of the program is split between 180 hours of instruction time and 128 hours of an on-the-job paid internship.

During weeks 11 through 14, Apprentices only participate in hands-on instruction at the Academy Lab, 3 days each week. Here, they earn an OSHA-10  certification and begin working towards industry-recognized HBI and ICC certifications.

Starting at week 15, Apprentices begin integrating on-the-job internships into their training. By this time, each apprentice will have received 130 hours of Academy instruction. Apprentices interview with Employer Partners and are selected into paid internship programs.

During weeks 15 through 18, apprentices spend 3 days at the Academy and 1 day at their paid internship each week. During weeks 19 to 24, apprentices spend 2 days at the Academy and 2 days at their internship each week.

Get Involved

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